New soles and heels

Refurbished heels 👠

Love working on these quality shoes, another happy customer #Louboutins #shoerepairs #traditional

New high gloss protected soles for any type of Louboutins.

Another total rebuild changing from rubber soles to leather. Classic Russel and Bromley boots

Pair of Micheal Kors damaged heels recovered and repaired 👠

Another shoe adaption to this footjoy golf shoe. Customer was previously told this couldn’t be done

Before and after

Customers favourite Jimmy Choo shoes, replaced and re covered broken heels.

Total rebuild

Before and after Gucci toe cap repair

Louboutin Protected by our fine vibram 1mm soles

Full JR longsoles JR 1/4 rubbers Gucci boots

Replaced and recovered broken stiletto heels

1mm vibram protective soles