Orthopaedic Shoe Repair

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KS Orthopaedic Shoe Repairs

Master Shoe Repairer Kevin Stairs has been transforming old shoes into new since 1977 and is able to offer professional orthopaedic adapation and repair services to help new and existing conditions tailored to your individual needs.

If you have a hard time walking due to pain, lack of balance, or complications resulting in leg length discrepancy, we are confident in helping you achieve comfort and help you regain your mobility.

South London's leading adaption/alteration repair company since 1977.
NHS Approved contractor

Shoe modifications, when needed, can make a world of difference for comfort and how a person can ensure improved mobility. We have over 40 years experience in the art of orthopaedic shoe modfications. 

Using the very best materials our shoe alterations ensure your shoes provide balance and comfort. We also want to ensure our work is subtle as possible to retain both comfort and style to your shoe. 

I’ve been going to KS for years to get my right shoe built up because of a shortened leg. I’m a bit vain, and I love trendy shoes, so I’ve given Kevin a fair few challenges over the years. Every single pair he’s done has been brilliant. He’s really sensitive about the aesthetic of the shoe, so most people can’t even tell I’ve had it lifted. I’d recommend KS othopaedics without hesitation.

Orthopaedic Services

Below are a list of some of the orthopaedic services we provide. If anything is not listed please enquire.